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“East of Savannah: Photographs from the City to the Sea” - The Irritable Pelican Artisan Gallery

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Ed Eckstrand

“East of Savannah: Photographs from the City to the Sea”

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Artisan:  P.T. Bridgeport, Photos by Ed Eckstrand
Medium:  Print


Savannah is a port, but the delta of the Savannah River separates the port from the sea.

Eighteen miles of beaches, islands, tidal marshes, and waterways stretch between the city and the ocean. Visitors to Savannah barely notice that land, but it is diverse and beautiful. The photographs in these pages capture the moods, scenery, and many of the residents.

This is the city and delta in their most unexpected moments - largely unseen and deserving observation.

P. T. (Ed) Bridgeport photographs things.  He researches things, too.  Sometimes he thinks about things. This books contains all of that, in one proportion or another.  

In 2017, Bridgeport joined Savannah's community radio station, WRUU 107.5 FM.  As the host of the program "When the Moon Sings," he plays evocative music that requires quiet listening. He also interviews artists and musicians and offers colorful commentary on life, learning, and all matter of things in the Hostess City of the South and beyond. 

Full of wit, humor, and insights about the inanity of life and the human condition, The Moon & I Confer, is a collection of Bridgeport's weekly soapboxes that -- like his show -- provide pause in the modern world.  

A limited number of autographed copies are available.