About Us


True to the nature of Tybee Island, we are a fun, quirky place with an eclectic 3500+ item inventory .
We appreciate and thank all our customers for their loyalty in helping us support 50+ local artists.



The Irritable Pelican is an art gallery featuring items made exclusively by local islands artists. With jewelry, sculptures, paintings, and souvenirs made by the artists, you can find art that memorializes your visit to Tybee, and that will grace any home...Michael Bodine


Great local art with nautical and seaside themes. Bright, happy, gorgeous scenes. I bought several lovely pieces to take home. Awesome seascapes!


Don’t miss out on going to this shop! All items are artisan made and I even visited with the lady who made the earrings I bought. The two ladies in the shop were two of the most delightful people we met on our trip to Tybee.

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