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Arrange a private tour!!

Posted by Dianne Klevinski on

If you aren’t comfortable in public, even with a mask, but want to get out for a while, contact “The Irritable Pelican Artisan Gallery” for one of its popular private tours.
They are arranged before or after business hours (11AM-4PM), and are absolutely free. We sanitize before you visit and after you leave. We wear masks (and have extras if needed), and provide you with sanitizer as needed. We also have contactless purchase, just in case you find a treasure to take home.
You have ample time to browse and enjoy 3 rooms and more than 1000 pieces of local handmade art, at your leisure. We share our knowledge of our artists, artistic mediums, local art and local history, answering questions as you browse. We like it when you purchase our art, but we also want to provide beauty and share hope for the Tybee community by sharing the life, experiences and color that affect nearly 30 local artists. No purchase is required. Join others and browse our beautiful gallery. Call or text now- 912-704-2059, to arrange a private viewing. We have 8 spots left for next week.

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