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Lilliputian Art: "Which Way Do We Go" - The Irritable Pelican Artisan Gallery

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Ann Lutz

Lilliputian Art: "Which Way Do We Go"

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Artist:  Ann Lutz
Medium: Original Oil on Canvas
Dimension: 8x8x1
‚ÄĚThanks for adding a splash of my color to your world,‚ÄĚ says Ann.

It is really easy to get lost, either paddling in the ocean or walking through local marshes.  "Everything looks the same" has never been more true.  Plants grow in similar clumps.  Animals nest and play in the same kinds of spaces throughout the island.  Streets even often look very similar.  This painting, an original oil by Ann Lutz, Tybee Artist, reminds us that it is ok to stop and ask, "Which way do we go?"