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Stained Glass Gold Jellyfish-LED Light

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Shirley Carter

Stained Glass Gold Jellyfish-LED Light

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Artisan:  Shirley Carter
Materials:  recycled dishes and bowls, vintage jewelry,
Dimensions:  Varies
Jellyfish by Shirley Carter are truly one-of-a-kind. 

Description: This igold stained  glass Jellyfish has gold beads & necklaces and LED lighting. The lights shine so prettily through the stain glass and will look great in your window whether on #Tybee or as a remembrance of your time here on #Tybee Island.

Upcycled or recycled, you'll love our Georgia Jellyfish! Originally hand crafted as Christmas tree ornaments, our jellies have washed ashore to lighten and brighten your days.  Sun catchers, night lights, or just pretties among the plants - each jellyfish is a one-of-a-kind since the glassware bodies and jeweled tentacles are all previously owned/used finds recreated for fun.  They are made of vintage jewelry and glassware and other vintage items.  Battery powered or sometimes solar powered available.  All shapes, sizes, and colors.  Jellyfish live in swarms, so just one might get lonely