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St. Simons Island Beach Brush

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Doris Grieder

St. Simons Island Beach Brush

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Artisan:  Doris Grieder
Materials:  brushes, charms, appliques, embellishments
Size:  varies approx 6x4
St. Simons Island Beach Brush created by Doris Grieder makes a great gift or souvenir. 

Leaving the beach, you walk barefoot to the house or to the car.  Along the way you unsuccessfully try to remove the sand from your feet. Even flip flops are not comfortable with sand between your toes.  This truly unique St. Simons Island item is used to brush the sand off your feet and more importantly remove the sand from between those toes! 

For those of you who are traveling, take a piece of St. Simons home with you.  

No two are alike.  Inventory changes daily. Weatherproofed for outdoor use.   A brush will be chosen for you from the available inventory.