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"Lilliputian Art:  Cockspur Lighthouse" by Ting Blessington

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"Lilliputian Art: Cockspur Lighthouse" by Ting Blessington

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Artist:  Ting Blessington
Medium:  Original Watercolor 
Image Dimensions:  10x8
Framed Dimensions:  14.75x12
The artist has captured another beautiful day at the Cockspur Island Lighthouse

As you cross the Lazaretto Bridge on your trip to and from Tybee Island, you cannot help but notice the scaffolding and work going on at the beloved Cockspur Island Lighthouse.  The restoration project underway will be focusing on the masonry and making sure the mortar is stable. These efforts will help stabilize the structure and mitigate damage caused by rising damp, moisture infiltration, tidal conditions and past incompatible mortar and paint applications.  The plan also calls for the 46-foot lighthouse’s door and windows to be replaced.