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Resin Blue Wave Necklace

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Tracey Richburg

Resin Blue Wave Necklace

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Artisan:  Tracey Richburg
Medium:  Resin
Materials:  Resin, stainless steel pendant and chain
Description:  beautiful, beach themed stainless steel pendant set on a sturdy stainless steel chain, with hand-poured resin.  

Resin Care:
Items are made with resin labeled by manufacturer as being UV resistant and food safe
Avoid direct sunlight to prevent possible yellowing over time
Resin is a plastic and can be damaged.  Avoid heat.
Resin items are fragile. Do not drop
Do not cut on resin surface
Item is not dishwasher safe, clean with non-abrasive cloth
Do not carry trays by handle (if attached), always support the bottom, and store on flat surface