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"Lilliputian Art:  Friend"
"Lilliputian Art:  Friend"
"Lilliputian Art:  Friend"
"Lilliputian Art:  Friend"

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Ann Lutz

"Lilliputian Art: Friend"

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Artist:  Ann Lutz
Medium: Oil on Wood Block
Dimension: 3x5
”Thanks for adding a splash of my color to your world,” says Ann.

Everything about this Lilliputian (little) piece of art reminds us of summer fun on Tybee Island.  Ann Lutz, Tybee artist, enjoys employing think and colorful oil paint to help her convey messages and themes in her paintings.  This small piece, which can be hung, or sit on a desk or shelf is no exception.  Capture your Tybee Island memories with this piece of bright, colorful and fun local art today.