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"Mini-Art: Ugly Mermaid Magnets"

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Rebecca Rice

"Mini-Art: Ugly Mermaid Magnets"

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Artist:  Rebecca Rice
Medium:  Polymer Clay, Acrylic, board, resin, magnets, sea shells
Dimension: 2.5x3.5

Sometimes you just cannot help but call it like it is.  Like humans, some mermaids are not so beautiful as others.  But that's life.  This local artist thought it was time to honor the not-so-beautiful mermaids with their own magnet collection.  The magnets are hand-sculpted, hand-painted polymer clay on encaustic board with tiny Tybee beach sea shells strategically placed.

They made great refrigerator art and are the perfect reminder of our quirky little Tybee Island...if you can stand to look at them!  However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and most people will think they are beautiful (I do).