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"Lilliputian Art:  Float Away”
"Lilliputian Art:  Float Away”
"Lilliputian Art:  Float Away”
"Lilliputian Art:  Float Away”

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Ann Lutz

"Lilliputian Art: Float Away”

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Artist:  Ann Lutz
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 4x4x1 1/2
”Thanks for adding a splash of my color to your world,” says Ann.

There is something magical about Tybee Island's waterways - from the Intercoastal to local brackish creeks. They are teeming with life, for area flora and fauna.  The paths are winding, often crossing each other.  Local captains and some boat owners work for years to remember when and how to turn within the maze of paths naturally created. Nevertheless, they are beautiful, day and night, winter and summer, autumn and spring.  They constantly remind us of the reason so many like to call Tybee Island "My Happy Place".