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"Lilliputian Art:  Chilled”
"Lilliputian Art:  Chilled”
"Lilliputian Art:  Chilled”
"Lilliputian Art:  Chilled”

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Ann Lutz

"Lilliputian Art: Chilled”

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Artist:  Ann Lutz
Medium: Acrylic on Gallery Wrap
Dimension: 4x4x1.5
”Thanks for adding a splash of my color to your world,” says Ann.

Even in the deepest, darkest days of winter, Tybee Island is surrounded by bright and beautiful colors.  Gold, red and orange sparkle on the marshes during this time. Skies are light, and often have drifting clouds.  Temperature, you ask?  30 degrees F in the morning, and most often, a balmy 70 by the afternoon.