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Tracey Richburg

Large Wooden Resin Ocean Catch-All

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Artisan:  Tracey Richburg
Medium:  Resin
Materials:  Resin, inclusions, sand shells
Show off your love for Georgia's ocean with this ocean resin bamboo cutting board. Board is perfect or food prep, serving, or display. Part of this board has been decorated with resin in an ocean theme making this board truly one-of-a-kind! Board measures. x 5\8"

Resin Care:
Items are made with resin labeled by manufacturer as being UV resistant and food safe
Avoid direct sunlight to prevent possible yellowing over time
Resin is a plastic and can be damaged.  Avoid heat.
Resin items are fragile. Do not drop
Do not cut on resin surface
Item is not dishwasher safe, clean with non-abrasive cloth
Do not carry trays by handle (if attached), always support the bottom, and store on flat surface