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Come Play With Me Collection: "Oak Tree in Gold"

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Mary Ingalls

Come Play With Me Collection: "Oak Tree in Gold"

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Artisan:  Mary Ingalls
Components: mixed media (metal, resin, ink, magnetic accessories)
Dimension: 8x12x.5

One-of-a kind upcycled and handmade interactive art and included in the Tybee Island Artisan's "Come Play With Me Collection"  

Tybee Island has a surprising number of artists, but you don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful scenes with these interactive art displays.  The basics are here.  Now, you can play. 

Interactive Art.  The basics are here.  Make it your own. Make it beautiful!   Add your own favorites, special memories, messages or crazy critters.  Tybee Island ocean scene with 6 or more moveable parts, angel fish, sand dollars and real Tybee Shells.  Adult toy, not for children.