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.5-inch Chandelier Octagon Bead w/Vintage Jewelry Sun Catcher

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Laura JO

.5-inch Chandelier Octagon Bead w/Vintage Jewelry Sun Catcher

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Artist:  Laura JO
Materials:  vintage chandelier pendants, vintage jewelry
Dimensions:  size and length vary

Repurposed vintage chandelier pendants are made from beautiful vintage crystals and repurposed vintage jewelry that can be used as beautiful decorations and/or ornaments in any room in your home or as decorations for parties or a wedding.

Hang them in a sunny window and enjoy the beautiful colors that come streaming through the prisms.  Watch the walls as the rainbow of colors dance throughout the day with the movement of the sun. 

Hang them from indoor or outdoor trees, maybe outside on a shepherd's crook or maybe hang them on your front porch...they are perfect for any location, your Christmas tree and any occasion.  

Great and easy souvenirs to take home from your east coast island hopping vacation.